You Can’t Unring A Bell

The commonly used law idiom “you can’t unring a bell” basically means that once something is done/known it cannot be undone/unknown. Whether you realize it or not, this happens to us a lot, but I imagine it is a bit in the background (the bell is like a brass concierge bell). But when something is profound, that bell becomes more like an industrial fire alarm. Scientists would call that blaring fire alarm a paradigm shift, “though the world does not change with a change of paradigm, the scientist afterward works in a different world” (Kuhn). I wasn’t around when “Eureka” was called out, so there’s only been a few times where I’ve gone through what I’d call a paradigm shift. Within the past year, two big shifts have taken place in my world and one of those shifts happened when I learned about neuroplasticity.

When I talk about the brain and neuroplasticity, a good deal of the time I get one of the following reactions:

• Initial interest which can turn into boredom if I ramble about it for too long
• Boredom
• Confusion/disbelief/skepticism or looks that translate to “what the muffins”*

*note – muffins is not accurate but I’m being polite

But sometimes I get this AWESOME reaction:

• Interest and support. People go and try the stuff that I’m talking about and then they contact me to tell me their results from doing what I suggested

I can’t help that I get excited about it. So many people have seen success already. You see, to me, neuroplasticity is the bell ringing of all bell ringings. Why do I feel that way? Well, if you know that you can change your brain, and you learn how to do so, it means that you can change almost anything. If gung ho enough, you can learn how to change your thoughts, behaviour, actions, lifestyle, habits, beliefs, routine, etc. You want to adopt an exercise program? BAM, you can! You want to learn how to like vegetables when right now you hate them? It’s possible! You want to break the bad habit of snacking on chips at night? I can tell you how (you’ll learn more about this if you come out to the workshop tomorrow evening).

Am I making it sound easy? Yes, yes I am. It’s not just a snap of your fingers. But here’s the thing – when you know ahead of time that you can do it, actually doing it seems a heck of a lot easier. Once you’ve completed your first run, tried doing that burpee – once you know you can, you can.

You can break those habits you don’t want and make habits that you do. You decide which road you are going to take! If you can make it out on Nov 24 (tomorrow), I will be providing you with the steps to do just that. I hope you’ll join me.

Julie V