I Love Neuroplasticity (and why you probably should too)

Getting fit and healthy, and staying fit for life, is mostly a mental game. The hard part is getting your mind on board. If you can get your brain on board, your body will follow. Maybe you don’t agree, maybe you agree but you think you’re too set in your ways to change, whatever, but here’s the deal – YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR BRAIN. Yep.

This is incredibly exciting and awesome news. You know those bad habits that are so hard to kick? You can kick ‘em. You think you’re “set in your ways”? That’s complete malarkey. You don’t like any food that is healthy? Hogwash. Research has shown that you can change your brain. Legit. Technically speaking, this is called neuroplasticity. I believe that this is going to be a huge part of our future, it’s an emerging subject and you’ll be hearing a lot more about this over the next few years. Here are some basics:

1. The brain you are born with can change and you can change it

2. You can “unlearn” bad habits

3. You can change your brain by adopting new thought patterns and by training your brain almost like you would when strength training a muscle group

4. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a real and significant difference in your life, thought exercises, brain training activities and experiences can change things

Unlearning habits is usually the tough part, BUT it typically has MORE of an impact than simply adding in the good. For instance, time management specialists have repeatedly shown that the most productive people achieve their goals because they are good at eliminating unnecessary distractions from their day – they don’t just add more to their routine, they learn what is important to take on, take on less, but they do it extremely well. That’s all well and good, but how do you do this with fitness and your diet? How do you put this into practice to get and stay fit? We’ll be getting to that soon, the minds at Mind Matters Fitness are in the process of creating an awesome program. Exciting things are in the works!

More information will be coming along so stay tuned over the next while! Love your brain, love your body,

Julie V