Julie Vanderwerf, with her mean right hook, sassy smile and motivating attitude, is the owner of Mind Matters Fitness, a fitness and nutrition company dedicated to helping clients build a better life through healthy eating, exercise and improved brain health. Julie has been working in the fitness industry for 12 years as a certified PTS, FIS and Boxing Instructor, as well as a Sports and Fitness Researcher. She has experience teaching a range of classes including bootcamp, boxing, pilates, pump, HIIT, circuit training, TRX and more. Julie also has experience training a wide range of clients – beginners, athletes, teenagers, seniors, etc. Julie has been researching neuroplasticity and how the brain plays a key part in becoming and staying fit. It is her dream to share this research with as many people as possible. When she is not busy teaching, training or researching, she enjoys drinking a Guinness or a glass of wine, hanging with friends, puns, bootcamp, traveling and reading.

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Julie Vanderwerf
Owner, Trainer and Coach
F.I.S., P.T.S., B.T.S., M.E.S.