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Start a New Chapter

Give yourself permission to start a new chapter this year! A fresh start, a new perspective. We’ve all created a persona (or several) for ourselves, a story we’ve told ourselves so many times that we start to think it’s true. Break free from that story. If you’ve been telling yourself for years that you are […]

Wellness is Within

When I ask people what they picture when I say the word “wellness,” often times they close their eyes and say that they picture a thin attractive woman wearing yoga apparel doing a difficult inversion yoga pose on a beach somewhere. Or they picture someone they’ve seen on Instagram who has that defined body and […]

Q & A with Frederic, Running Coach & Triathlete

Frederic has a lighthearted, sort of live and enjoy it approach to life, which is mixed with an almost scientific (which I’m a huge fan of), intense training program. Take a look at this candid Q & A for his tips for both newbie and advanced runners. NAME: Frederic PROFESSION: Chemical Process Engineer. Running Coach. HOW […]

Words of Wisdom & Wellness – Q & A with the Wonderful Laurin Wolf, Yoga Teacher

Laurin has this amazingly unique and calming presence that she brings to the whole fitness studio. Laurin’s yoga journey began in 2008 as a way to cope with anxiety and physical health issues. Since then, it has opened her life and her eyes to the endless possibilities and healing that the practice can bring. From […]